Why Should You Be Buying British Made Gifts?


When you buy British made gifts, there’s one major difference – every item tells a story! Having worked as a homeware buyer for a major British retailer, I’d got used to buying products that came from some unknown factory in China that were produced in their thousands. Whilst having lunch one day I considered the fact that British people were becoming more interested in the heritage of products and so The Great British Home was born.

In the year that followed, I travelled the UK meeting lots of interesting people who manufacture in Great Britain and listened to their stories behind the products. One story that captivated me was that of jewellery maker Rachel Jackson of Cinderela B who got the idea for the company whilst travelling in Brazil during carnival time. Below is a great video that explains the how Cinderela B began. As you’ll see, every piece of their beautiful jewellery is designed and handmade by a team of passionate girls who really love what they do. And that’s why we love it!

This is just the start of our Meet the Maker blog articles that will tell the wonderful stories behind the carefully curated British made gifts that we sell on The Great British Home. I hope you enjoy learning about the heritage of each brand and the people who make them. As I said, every item tells a story and that story speaks of passion and above all else, Britishness!



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